Friday, November 27, 2020

The Beginning of Better

 Beginning this Blog journey is both exciting and scary. My hopes is to explore with you my love of  Tablescapes, crystal and all things decorative. I have always felt that decorating your space should be a personal journey and have healing or growth components attached.

When your space is reflective of your inner being it tells a part of your often silent story. People connect to each other differently ; what each of us has is a personal language and how we express it is all about the journey of life.  My Tablescapes often reflect a time or mood or just a need to get thoughts out of my cluttered mind space. I try to tell a visual story or least peak the interest of others to ask me about a piece on the table.

My goal with this Blog is to be able to connect my loves of decorating, cooking and all things thrifty. To connect to my inner being and be able to share and inspire others to take this journey with me .


Shattered but not Discarded

Shattered but not discarded.   When I was preparing for this  tablescape  I was looking at all the glassware, plate settings, napkins and ot...